How To Hold A Safe Sweet Sixteen Party

Turning sixteen means reaching the threshold of adulthood. No longer a child and not yet a grownup, sixteen is an exciting time. When it comes time to celebrate the actual birthday, a sweet sixteen party can be fun and games for all. Depending on the girl's background, the event may be a private affair for close relatives, a very social thing for a friend or twenty from school and childhood or it could be a hot 'n' happenin' teen fest that reverberates throughout the community! Whatever the style, a sweet sixteen party should focus on the birthday girl and be a day, or night, she will remember for the rest of her life.

Gatecrashing can be a problem at parties for adolescents so when you send out invitations, consider including a pass that must be presented upon entry. Ask invited guests to provide confirmation that they will be attending so that you can make up a list to check off as they arrive. Security is something that parents often overlook as it can seem a little alarmist but it's an excellent insurance policy that keeps the festivities fun and not vulnerable to overzealous mischief-makers. A sweet sixteen party won't have the innocence of your little girl's fifth birthday but there's no need to invite trouble either.

Sixteen is when youths will experiment with all kinds of different things but keeping guests safe and healthy is a prime concern for parents. Alcohol should be off limits to youngsters at a sweet sixteen party and provided only to adults over the age of 21. Why not consider instead setting up a bar and making available 'mocktails', non-alcoholic versions of grownup cocktails. Teen guests will love being offered fruit juices, sparkling grape juice and crushed ice served up in fancy glasses. Have on hand plenty of supplies such as swizzle sticks, cocktail umbrellas and even glasses with sugarcoated rims for extra authenticity. Make up sophisticated centrepieces to add another adult touch to the decorations.

As well as choosing the decorations and favors, your teen is the perfect person to consult on the choice of music to be played at her sweet sixteen party. Sure, it may not be your cup of tea but this is her day, after all. Let the kids dance the night away to the tunes that mean something to them, but be conscious of the noise level. Too loud and you might be inviting the attendance of people in uniform. It can be a great idea to inform your neighbors of the event in advance, mostly as a measure of courtesy but also so they can plan around the noisy evening if they feel the need to. After all, this is not your average housewarming party; teens love an energetic atmosphere and regardless of the volume of the music, there's bound to be a bit of noise. You'll find if you clue your neighbors in beforehand, they'll be good sports about the goings-on.

As the organizers of the sweet sixteen party, you are responsible for the wellbeing of the young guests who will attend. Plan on making one adult available per about five guests so that there is someone to keep an eye out for the duration of the party. With hormones on high at this age, and a festive atmosphere running for hours, other parents will be reassured to know that there will be adequate supervision.

It can be somewhat poignant when you realize your daughter is making the graduation from little girl in cute dresses and pigtails to young lady in jeans and a stylish ponytail, but you should have a blast at her sweet sixteen party too. After all, she'll always be your daughter and there are many more exciting milestones ahead.

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